Threads is a cloud-based application that records your entire organisation's emails and phone calls and allows you to view, share and investigate them in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

See how Threads harnesses the latest speech and character recognition technologies to unify phone calls, emails, scanned attachments and social media into one searchable resource...

Threads uses artificial intelligence to group all your communications together and provide a deep search facility, allowing you to retrieve communications using keyword and key-phrase searches just like you’re used to with search engines. And you don’t change anything - Threads collects everything from your network.

Search emails, phone calls, contacts, companies or projects and Threads will automatically list all the corresponding communication in one easy-to-view window - allowing you to make administrative, sales or CRM decisions on the fly.

See the power of Threads and how it works in these two quick videos...

Quentin Cooper, science broadcaster, explains the power of Threads.

Threads explained... The old fashioned way!

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