Try Threads Enron Database.

This is a demo system comprising the entire corporate email corpus that was made public domain following the collapse and subsequent legal proceedings of ENRON.

Try Threads Now!

If you like what you see on the TED site or simply wish to dive straight in, then why not try Threads with your own message data. You can create your own Threads website and start ingesting your own data straight away. You will not need to provide any credit card or personal details.

Threads BETA testers.

Threads is evolving fast and we are always looking for new companies in new vertical sectors to try new features - and, most importantly, report back to us.

Threads BETA testers will be able to use the service for minimum of 3 months free of charge. Depending on progress, this may be extended. This is the procedure:

You provide us with details of your existing  arrangements – e.g. types of email client and server used, number of users, approximate volume of email, etc.

If we feel you would make a suitable Pilot site, then we will give you a demonstration of Threads either over the Internet or at our offices in Surbiton.

If you feel Threads would be of benefit to your organisation, then we will set up a Threads account for your organisation and arrange to ingest your existing messages and contacts.

We will train you to administer and use Threads.

We will require you to sign a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and also to agree to provide us with regular feedback on your experiences with Threads.

Any data uploaded to Threads will be held for the trial period. Other than the customer and its nominated staff, it will be accessible only to JPY to allow engineers to support the customer’s staff during the beta period.

When the period is over, unless a BETA tester wishes to subscribe to the service, all their data will be removed and deleted from Threads.

If you are interested in being a Threads BETA tester, call us now on +44 (0)208 390 8487 or fill in the form.

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